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Did you know the first six years are the most distinctively significant and important developmental years of your child?  Small children have a marvelous capacity for learning, exploring and inquiring, which leads them from one exciting discovery to another.  These are the years your child starts to get acquainted with a lot of new concepts and ideas. We at For Little People will give your child all the love, nourishment, opportunity and guidance they need so that they may develop and grow at their own pace.
For Little People has developed their programs of interest for children of all ages.  We follow schedules of activity throughout the day, but we do allow for free time when children can play, work or explore in the areas of their interests.  We stress healthy social interactions with attention on courtesy and good manners.  The children also enjoy a graduation program, holiday parties and outdoor activities.

We offer a unique preschool program utilizing a progressive preschool structure designed to meet the needs of the child at his individual level of development.  Children are not grouped strictly according to age but ability as well.  Classes are small and range in teacher to child ratios of 1 to 4, 1 to 8, 1 to 10, and 1to 12depending upon the cognitive and social development of the class.

Preschoolers are introduced to colors, sizes, shapes, the alphabet and reading readiness, numbers and math concepts, as well as other sensory and perceptual concepts.  Tracing and printing are also introduced to the children at the appropriate time. 

There’s lots of fun in the preschool program with art, painting, cutting, pasting, paper Mache, salt and play dough design, string and macaroni art, baking, music, song, science, puppetry, dance, drama, large and small muscle development, and most important self-directed dramatic play.  The For Little People preschool program is a happy place for children to learn and play.  The director will be happy to furnish you with additional information regarding these programs.